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Business Modeling and Process Assessment

The first step is to decompose the business into discrete business processes and functions across all dimensions of the business. From a business point of view this creates the foundation for a Component Business Model (CBM). The functional units form the basis for service components. The service components interact with other service components based on pre determined contracts and other necessary structures and service levels. The model demonstrates the inter dependency and inter connection between all the dimensions facilitated through an institutionalized SOA governance model. The workflow based service & asset management system now becomes and integral part of enterprise service model. This way we can ensure seamless processes to capture, store, integrate, index, search, retrieve, and distribute digital assets in a manner that is in consonance with enterprise objectives. Our significant experience with a wide spectrum of business clients will help generate significant service insertion opportunities and provides real value and cost advantage to the client. These areas are:

Component Business Model and Strategy,

Enterprise Service Model and

Realization of component business model through the creation of service oriented architecture framework.

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