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An integrated but flexible service framework is essential in todayís business where all heterogeneous service components and functions are in action without any enterprise foundation knowledge. Traditional business services such as Document Management, Information Assurance and Build and Deploy Processes are examples of such business services which often are treated as standalone business service.

The opportunities for a robust and web based document management system, tool automations and specific standards and guidance are accelerating more contents to be digitized within an organization, success of which depends on understanding the business drivers behind them, their integration touch points with the other business components/services, their relevance with enterprise architectural framework, and a measurement criteria to assess the effectiveness of the process execution.

All these canít be achieved without a holistic view of the available enterprise resources (static) and a vision and going forward strategy (dynamic). This will result in substantial saving, greater controls and consistency, reduced time to market with substantially improved efficiency.†

Agnetio Business Consulting offers that holistic view to integrate the various mission critical processes to achieve greater ROI, compliance and better governance.

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